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Mission Statement

My goal is to support each student as they reach for their full potential through their higher education dreams, with equity for all students.


Each student is as unique as a fingerprint, so I begin with a thoughtful exploration of what motivates them and is most important to them. With this understanding in mind, I can help students and parents move confidently through the college search, application, and selection processes.


Consulting with a college counselor can help students and parents successfully navigate the often-daunting challenges of today’s college preparation process.


Prior planning using a personalized, one-on-one approach is a research-proven method of success during the dynamic high school years, during which there are so many and varied demands on our students: academic success, changing family dynamics, growing independence, financial concerns, sports, jobs, clubs, and community service to name only a few.


Starting as early as freshman year in high school, I can help your student plot a successful course of action throughout high school, taking them closer to the school of their dreams.


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